As we get older, we tend to forget our parents are also getting older. All the BS that we put our parents through, they still stand by us. Yet some of us act like our parents are a burden. They are not a burden, & u shouldn’t make them feel as if they are. As much as parents look forward to the day where you are grown & can take care of yourself, I’m sure they never looked forward to the day that they were dependent on you to take care of them. Nobody looks forward to the day that they need help getting out of bed, or to get to the store to buy groceries, or to just simply read their mail because their eyes aren’t as young as they used to be. So please don’t flash on ur parents because they asked for a favor. They don’t need u making them feel helpless… Yes, we all have lives of our own, we have busy schedules, some have families of your own, but that’s no reason to put ur parents on the back burner. A lot of us came from households where we are first generation English speakers so they need help reading their mail. Our parents came home from work, tired as hell, but they still stayed up struggling to help with our homework when we were barely learning English ourselves. So don’t act like you did everything on ur own, & you don’t have the time to help read a few letters. I admit I’ve done this, & i feel like crap every time for doing so. The key is to acknowledge it & try not to do it next time. If you don’t have kids now, you might in the future, how would you feel after all that you do to raise ur kid up to be a good person, they make you feel like you are taking too much time out of their own lives? Ever think of how many times your parents wanted to just give up & go away for a few days, but they knew they can’t miss work bcuz they have to keep a roof over ur head, food in ur tummy so u can be focused school? No matter how many dozens of birthdays u’ve had, ur parents still think back to ur very first one. Sometimes they call you at a bad time, maybe they just miss ur voice & want to know how ur life is going. you don’t tell them about ur everyday life anymore so how are they to know that u were going to be busy? Maybe they just feel lonely bcuz the house that they raised u in is now quiet &empty. Should they just wait by the phone hoping u will miss them enough to call? We all share less details of our lives with our parents as we get older. Do you remember when you were a kid & would blabber on about nonsense & every single detail about ur day or what you saw on tv? I’m sure ur parents do. So dont act like “how was ur day” is another way they are just being nosy or annoying. Maybe they ask you to come over & help them with something or take them somewhere, ever think they do it just to have you around, Because if they didnt, they probably won’t see u until another family occasion. No matter how old you get, you will always be ur parents baby. So when you feel overwhelmed after getting home from a long day of work & ur parents are asking you about something… Try to take a breath&turn off work mode&get into family mode. Not every word you share with ur parents be of anger & frustration. Keep in mind that parents don’t make the decision to have kids, just so they can be forgotten twenty years later


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